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White Bumps on Face

Milium looks like a small yellowish-white bump in the shape of a dome on the skin surface and is about 1-2 mm in size. They are in the form of small lesions filled with fluid. There are two types of milia: primary and secondary. In primary milia, dead skin gets accumulated in small pockets on the surface of the skin thereby forming white bumps on face instead of naturally being removed. On the other hand secondary milia are in the form of small cysts and are found in areas which are effected by various skin conditions like damaged skin due to excessive exposure to sun, trauma, blisters on the skin which blocks the glandular ducts.

White Bumps Near the Eyes

Eyelids and the areas surrounding the eyes are some of the most common places where white bumps are formed. They may seem similar to whiteheads, but there is a fundamental difference between the two. Whiteheads have an opening on the surface of the skin, but these bumps don't. Usually these bumps are filled with a white hard substance called keratin. However, there is nothing to worry as they are neither life-threatening nor dangerous.

White Bumps After Shaving

Many a time you may find white bumps or razor bumps on face after shaving which may be caused due to several factors. One of the most common reasons for white bumps after shaving is ingrown hair, wherein some hair develops back into the hair follicle. This may cause the follicles to inflame thereby causing bumps. White bumps due to ingrown hair is mostly found in people with curly hair. White bumps can be prevented by not shaving close to the skin. You can prevent inflammation by applying lotion whose main composition is glycolic acid. If you are resistant to glycolic acid you can try out laser hair removal technique or antibiotics.

White bumps may also be formed if you don't apply adequate gel or cream while shaving. Moreover, if you shave too fast or hard, it may form bumps. You may also be allergic to shaving creams. If that's the case you can try using products made specially for sensitive skin. You can use a cleaner once a week and these are designed to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. You can also try out a pre-shave cleaner.

How to Get Rid of White Bumps on the Face

If you get white bumps, make sure that you don't remove them as there may be a scar on the face if you try removing them. It takes just a few weeks to heal primary milia so you just need to leave it be and it would go away. However, on the other hand, secondary milia don't go away on their own, so you have to take prescribed medicines. One of the most common treatment options for secondary milia are tretinoin and tazarotene, some topical retinoid creams. Your doctor may also make you go through fruit acid peels or microdermabrasion procedures or he may remove the bumps with the help of a scalpel.

Some home remedies can also be applied to get rid of white bumps on face. The dead skin should be removed and for that you can use a gentle scrub to exfoliate the skin. You can also use a moisturizer which has a light consistency around these bumps. One of the major reasons for white bumps is the accumulation of impurities, oil and makeup, so you should clean your skin every morning and before you go to bed. Try avoiding makeup, especially around the eyes, that do not allow oil to be released into the surface of the skin.

Thus, there is nothing serious about white bumps on face, but you should make sure that you keep your skin clean, as the main reason for white bumps is accumulation of dirt and oil.

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