Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Safely Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are an unsightly and sometimes painful condition that often results when fabric or skin rubs constantly against your skin in places like your neck, thighs and underarms. In most cases, skin tags are harmless, but they can be unsightly, creating a feeling of self-consciousness when they appear in places everyone can see. Safely removing skin tags is an easy task that can usually be performed in the comfort of your home.



    Freeze skin tags with an over-the-counter wart freezing treatment. Following the instructions on the treatment, hold the tip of the freezing wand on skin tags for 20 seconds. The skin tag will shrivel and fall off over the next seven or so days.


    Apply a coating of clear nail polish to the skin tag twice daily to dry out the tag and encourage it to fall off. This method may take up to two weeks, with you repeating the application daily until you see results.


    Ice the skin tag and then wrap a tight layer of thread around the base of the tag. Sterilize a set of nail clippers by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol. Pull the skin tag away from the skin and clip it clean along the base to avoid scarring and regrowth.


    Wrap skin tags tight with thread to cut off circulation. This will cause the skin tag to fall off on its own in two to three days.


    Check into natural treatments containing essential oils that help draw the skin tag out from the roots, healing the skin without scarring after they drop off.


    Consult with your doctor for electrolysis and freezing techniques that can be done right in her office. This is especially important in cases of large skin tags, which may bleed profusely if cut at home.

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