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Dermisil Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags can be annoying, but rarely a medical problem. Traditionally, getting rid of them has always meant doctor or dermatologist office visits. One company, Dermisil, is trying to change that with an all-natural solution it claims can get rid of skin tags through regular use. No prescription. No physician. Is it possible?

Skin Tags

    Skin tags are benign skin growths which can be found on necks, face, eyelids, arms, chests, under breasts, armpits and sometimes on legs. Their cause is unknown but they happen most often to the elderly, pregnant women, those with diabetes type 2 and the obese.

    While skin tags themselves have no symptoms which cause discomfort, their placement can be a problem. Many people accidentally hit skin tags when shaving and skin tags can become irritated from rubbing against clothing.

    To remove skin tags, doctors offer several in-office procedures. Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen to freeze off skin tags. Cauterization uses the other temperature extreme and burns off skin tags. Ligation involved cutting off the blood supply to the skin tag until it dies and falls off. Excision is the surgical removal of the skin tag--which is done with a little local anesthetic in the doctor's office.


    Dermisil is a brand of natural skin products which include products targeting warts, scabies, herpes, impetigo, cold sores, shingles eczema, molluscum, scars, stretch marks, nail infection, yeast infection, jock itch, athlete's foot, ringworm, internal parasites and immune system. The company claims its treatments are all-natural and highly effective.

    The only clinical research on the effectiveness of Dermisil is the company's own--which it posts on its website at This is the same site where Dermisil sells its products.

Skin Tag Product

    Dermisil claims that regular topical application of its skin tag product will cause skin tags to dry up and flake away. While Dermisil does not explain the exact theory or science behind the product, it says the key ingredients are alpha-terpinene (an extract of tea tree oil), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil), thuja occidentalis (the common evergreen shrub), and Ricinus communis (the castorbean).

    Purdue University Center for New Crops and Plants Production lists castorbean and castor oil as a natural toxin capable of killing small animals and even people in the right quantities. This may be what helps kill skin tag tissue. However, there is no explanation or specific evidence of this from the manufacturer.

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